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Let me introduce myself, Geert Koop. I’m a professional Airbrush artist, visiting this planet since 1976!

The workshop is based in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. From here I take care of racing helmets for clients from around the globe. Of course over the years I have stumbled across many other projects such as cars, motorbikes and so on. I have been operating under the name of GK Helmet Art since 2000, but as it’s no longer just helmets a name change had to take place. Therefore I have decided to go on with a new name “KOOP KUSTOMS.com”

There has fortunately been no change in the philosophy behind the paintwork, which is to get the best possible result for the client and myself, using nothing but the best available products. Using the best helmets and raw materials, means your designs will look good for years to come. This lasts far beyond a products useable lifespan , making it a beautiful trophy afterwards!
I strive to keep designs as clean as possible. I’m certainly able to make something extremely intricate, loaded up with details and more, but I believe less is more.
Every project is different in taste and design; this is the beauty of my work. I will make what is asked of me, with my own input showing through...

Check out the various galleries’s, and enjoy!

Thanks, Geert