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Arai Helmets

World Class Helmets, worn by many of the worlds fastest racing drivers. Their motto "there is a difference" is certainly true. The build quality is superb, making these helmets a joy to work on.

HOK (House of Kolor)

This paint is specially used in the custom scene. Vivid colours, candy's and flakes make it a great product to work with! Getting hold of it is the real challenge. Base coats and Pinstripe enamels are in daily use.

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Dupont clear lacquer is used to finish of all the helmets in the Koop Kustoms line up. The build and gloss are second to none and have been proven and tested in the custom scene. This paint is not cheap but sacrifice in quality is not in their books either!

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Bell Helmets

Another fine brand of helmet. The Bell Line sports a more rough, aggressive look and is a little lighter in build than the Arai-series. Refinement or looks are the main choice differences.

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A well-known name in the scene. Anything from masking tape to sandpaper that is used is from 3M! It can be trusted to do what it needs to, without any hassle.

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Fine airbrushes by Iwata. You want to be the best, get an Iwata. I have always used Devilbiss but am slowly switching to Iwata for future use.

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